Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Illustration Academy Week One

Hey right now Im attending the Illustration Academy run by the very talented John English, Brent Watkinson, George Pratt, Doug Chayka and their newest addition Jon Foster.

Here is our first assignment "A Slice of Life in Sarasota" were we had to make an image with flat shapes and color. The point of this assignment was to focas on the importance of shape and value in picture making and not relying on line.


  1. Love this, especially what you did with the sand. Can't wait to see more miss Allie!

  2. i like this... it reminds me of when we tried to take pictures of old fat people and then they gave us bad looks...it may have also had something to do with us playing dead in the pool...but im a fan o' this BIG TIME!

  3. Nice work dearie-doo! I love that you chose to do a fat-lady on the beach ^_^ REALLY good contrast.